Parade Volunteer Opportunities
General Job Descriptions

DEX_0650We NEED volunteers on the day of the parade.

Please click on the link below to view the volunteer registration form:

Parade Coordinator – (Upbeat Parade Productions)

  • See agreement for complete list of duties

Volunteers –

  • Recruit volunteers required according to the parade coordinator for parade day
  • Work with community organizations on volunteer recruitment
  • Create volunteer recruitment flyer or notice
  • Assign volunteers to various parade day jobs
  • Provide a progress report on volunteer recruitment to the parade executive committee at each meeting
  • Create volunteer sign up form
  • Set up volunteer meeting date, time and location
  • Supervise volunteer check-in on parade day
  • Send thank you to all volunteers for assisting parade day

Sponsorships –

  • Solicit and secure sponsorships required for parade
  • Create sponsorship levels and opportunities
  • Create completed sponsor packet to be used in sales of sponsorships
  • Create sponsor contact list for solicitation
  • Follow up with potential sponsors, on a regular basis via mail, email, phone calls
  • Work closely with budget committee
  • Create an individual agreement for all participating sponsors
  • Work with parade coordinator on sponsor’s participation in the parade
  • Insure all parade “perks” are provided to sponsor in accordance to level of participation
  • Work with community organizations recruit sponsors
  • Invite parade sponsors to any parade VIP events if applicable to their level of participation
  • Work with banner print shop for sponsor banners to appear in the parade or on the parade route
  • Provide a progress report on sponsor recruitment to the parade executive committee at each meeting
  • Send thank you to all volunteers for assisting parade day

Marketing / Media –

  • Create all media press releases to all forms of media outlets (print, TV, radio, online)
  • Distribute all media press releases
  • Work with Webmaster on website updates
  • Maintain social media updates and activity
  • Assist in locating media sponsors for the parade
  • Maintain a media contact list for all distributions
  • Work closely with other parade committee members as to media needs (press release on volunteers, updates on parade entries, new sponsors, etc)
  • Oversee any paid advertising as it relates to creation of ad layouts or on-air ads
  • Provide a progress report on media updates or releases to the parade executive committee at each meeting
  • Invite all news media to attend the parade
  • Provide a media center location on parade day
  • Appoint a spokesperson for the parade

Website –

  • Maintain an updated website for the parade
  • Change website layout as needed within budget
  • Add news updates and forms as needed

Judges and Awards –

  • Recruit three judges, within the community, to judge parade entries (one or two judges should have a creative background in theater, music or other)
  • Meet and greet judges on parade day and provide judges forms (forms created by parade coordinator)
  • Insure all judges forms are calculated and final winners list created on parade day

VIP Reception –

  • Secure location for Pre-Parade reception for sponsors, guests and supporters of the parade
  • Oversee check-in table for that event
  • Work closely with Sponsorship Coordinator in invitees to this event

City Services / Permits –

  • Secure all permits required by the City of Salinas for the parade
  • Insure a meeting date is set between the parade coordinator, executive committee representatives and the City department representatives for the parade
  • Define city equipment needed for parade day street closures and other areas

Logistics Equipment –

Parade Coordinator will secure parade day equipment needed, which includes; portable toilets, announcer stages and radios. Logistics committee will:

  • Assign persons to oversee that the delivery of equipment is placed in the proper location
  • Work with Announcer Stages coordinator on stage locations
  • Work with city on street closure equipment for parade day
  • Work closely with volunteer coordinator on volunteers needed for locations equipment distributed

Announcer Stages and Decorations – (for Salinas HPOL)

  • Insure stages are placed in proper locations
  • Purchase decorations needed for stage displays according to budget
  • Work with City on street closure equipment for parade day
  • Work closely with volunteer coordinator on volunteers needed for equipment placement locations
  • Decorate 3 stages, Kid’s Zone, Steinbeck and VIP party (if needed).
  • Hire the sound system company and give instructions. “The DJ booth”
  • Find volunteers to organize/fix/count/replace decorations before and after the Parade.
  • Find Volunteers with truck to deliver and pick up decorations on the day of the Parade.
  • Get 3 generators for each stage.
  • Find Six Emcees, two of them for the bilingual stage.
  • Make (6) copies of the Parade script with Instructions for the Emcees and translate one to Spanish.
  • Make sure the power on the Main St. street lamp is on earlier on Parade day.
  • Contact the Stage Company for directions and instructions before and on the day of the Parade.
  • Get two adults and three to four high school students for each stage to decorate, and fill out their community hours.